Unemployment Benefits: What you don’t know can cost you a bundle!

May 4, 2015


It is embarrassing and painful to be terminated from employment whether you have had a job for two months of 10 years. Even worse and adding to the shame you are feeling is having to apply for unemployment benefits. You are worried about how you are going to pay your bills and your mind is filled with all the problems associated with not having a job. You also know it is a terrible time to be looking for a job when so many college graduates cannot find work other than at Starbucks. Life is terrible.

But it can get worse if you are denied unemployment benefits. Many employers tried to keep their former workers from getting benefits because of fear that the amount of money they pay for such benefits will increase due to their experience rating. Employers who have workers coming and going can pay high premiums. You can be denied benefits for misconduct, gross misconduct and quitting a job without good cause connected with your resignation.

Countless people think however, that if they quit a job that they cannot get benefits or that if you are fired you can not get benefits. Both of these beliefs are not accurate as you can, depending upon the circumstances of your leaving a job. With 26 weeks of benefits at stake, one if often wagering close to $13,000 that they know and understand the law well enough to believe they know whether they should fight for their benefits or not. That is not the time to gamble as you already have lost a great deal and can get worse much more quickly if you have little savings to rely upon.

Don’t make the mistake of losing benefits to which you are entitled. John Singleton and the Singleton Law Group have over 35 years of experience dealing with these issues. Few lawyers know the in’s and out’s of this area of law. It is not the time to go without legal advice by relying upon your own thoughts or those of less knowledgeable counsel. Get it right the first time as there are no second chances. Call the Singleton Law Group for answers.


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