Recession and Your Employment Law Rights

September 13, 2011

Unemployment seems to be on the rise.  Oftentimes, the first reaction when a person loses their job is anger.  People may be believe that the loss of their job is unfair or  illegal.  Unfortunately, the large majority of workers seeking our legal assistance recently have been older workers.  When times get tough and employers need to cut labor costs, older, higher-paid workers are generally the first target.  A company can save a truckload more money getting rid of a highly paid executive rather than 10 production workers.  Most distressing about this trend is that older workers are finding it very difficult to find new employment.  There may be plenty of low paying jobs out there but not many for corporate executives.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being called into HR and told that your services are no longer needed, you will most likely be presented with a severance and release package for your consideration.  It may give you 21 days to review it and an additional 7 days to revoke  after signing, but you may feel pressure, or be pressured by your former employer, to sign quickly. 

These are legal documents that have the effect of waiving many of your legal rights.  Please have an experienced employment law attorney review any severance document before you sign it.  It is a small investment compared to the rights and money that you may be throwing out the window.  Every week, we get calls from dozens of people who have lost their jobs.  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS before you sign them away.

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