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Professional Services Agreements Attorney in Parkton & Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Professional Employment Agreements

If you are a doctor practicing in a medical group, an attorney working as a partner or associate, a professional athlete or performer, you usually need or already have an employment contract that sets for your compensation and benefits as well as the other terms and conditions of your employment.

While having trust in the people with whom you work is great but even disputes arise in the best of friendship and relationships. If even to avoid disagreements, employment contracts are necessary to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that all parties have the same understanding, or as said in law have a “meeting of the minds” concerning all issues concerning one’s employment. If only to set forth a method of resolving employment issues other than formal filings at federal and state agencies or worse in the courts, employment contracts can save the parties countless dollars that would otherwise be spent as the parties fight.

Knowledgeable Representation

Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals spend a great deal of time, money and energy getting the education one needs to practice in one’s chosen occupations. Physicians typically are “members” of a professional practice that often defines one’s value to the practice-based upon the amount of revenue that the professional generates.

Typically these contracts have complicated compensation terms, provide employment security, define ownership interest, provide an array of benefits and including continued education or other training and set forth all of the parameters of separation from the group or employment.

The Singleton Law Group has a long history of representing physicians and others in health and medical fields including mental health professionals, professional athletes partially covered by union contracts, professional performers including actors and actresses, artists and authors who have concerns over their property interest in artistic and other creative work through copyrights.