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Non-Compete Agreements Attorney in Parkton & Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

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Developing a non-compete covenant that best protects your interests requires years of experience and a thorough understanding of business law.

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Many people who work as key personnel in the acquisition of a business or in sales often are asked to sign non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. These agreements generally restrict that person’s ability to work for a competitor, to open a competing business and/or hire personnel away from a company for a specified period of time in a specified geographic area.

While the courts are no fans of these types of agreements because they clearly restrain trade, courts do recognize an employer’s right to protect their vital business interests including information relating to customer lists, pricing information and other information essential to their business. In determining whether these contracts are enforceable, the courts look to the activity restrained, the period of time and geographic area covered by the agreement. The courts will carefully look at these agreements to determine whether the agreement is overreaching in what is restrained and whether the agreement removes a person’s right to work.

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