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July 27, 2016

It is sometimes frustrating as an attorney to convey to visitors to my website information that I think is important and relevant to your situation. Obviously, you would not be necessarily looking at my site unless you needed legal assistance with a matter related to your job or business. I think it is far easier for me to do so through videos that through materials that are written as most people prefer to receive that information through a meeting, telephone or through other communications where they can use more than one or you senses.

I will be posting frequent videos on topics that are raised by potential clients filling our the form on this site seeking information. As such, I am going to try answering questions that are common ones so that everyone can benefit. This, if you have a question or a matter of concern, send me an email or fill out one the contact forms and I will try and give you a video answer.

Here is the first video on WHY CHOOSE THE SINGLETON LAW GROUP.

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