Level the Playing Field with a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

January 21, 2014

Baltimore, MD Civil LitigationWhen sexual harassment occurs in the work place, the first thing an employer is likely to do is lawyer up. The larger the company is, the more resources they have and thus the more and better representation they can afford. This can put the victim in a tough spot, even if they have a lot of evidence in their favor.

Have you been harassed?

As defined by the law, sexual harassment is any “unwanted sexual advances”. The two common types of sexual harassment as defined are quid pro quo and hostile environment. Quid pro quo involves threatening action in order to convince someone to give into the advances. This is typically harder to prove as the person has to be aware that their advances are not wanted. A hostile environment is essentially a workplace which is demeaning, explicit, or creates discomfort based on sexuality. This can involve lewd pictures, inappropriate comments, or other hostile communications.

Don’t Go it Alone

If you are the victim, choosing to represent yourself in a case like this could mean disaster. Even though you feel you understand the situation or you have proof on your side, it is very easy for an experienced attorney to flip the tables on you and catch you in an inconsistency. Furthermore, your inexperience may result in you missing crucial steps and evidence in building your case.

Get an Attorney

The best thing you can do is to get an attorney who understands the ins and outs of sexual harassment law. You’ll want a lawyer who understands the different types of sexual harassment, how to build a good case, and what sort of damages to pursue. An attorney who specializes in this field will ensure that you get the best representation and the greatest chance for success. A good track record and reputation are excellent indicators of a qualified and experienced sexual harassment attorney.

Singleton Law is an expert sexual harassment attorney that has defended many people in these types of cases. With over 25 years of experience, they have seen a variety of different situations and know the best way to address each one. Their personal and professional one-on-one counsel ensures that you get quality representation and the utmost respect for your privacy. Contact us today for more information.

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