Importance of a Lawyer in Employment Agreements

February 5, 2020

Some decisions in life should never be made in haste. One such decision is entering into an agreement offered by an employer that, in addition to setting your compensation and benefits, defines the Terms and Conditions of your employment. Before you sign an employment agreement and give your acceptance, there are important things that you should know. Because the agreement could be binding, you might want one of the best employment attorneys for executives to look at all the terms — someone who has experience in employment law, knows the market and understands competitive compensation. It’s very important to identify any misunderstandings to ensure that you and your employer are on the same page. A lawyer in this area with the right legal expertise can guide you in the right direction and suggest additional terms you may want to negotiate.

Even “At-will” Employees Have Options
Just because you’re an “at-will” employee, that doesn’t mean you have no rights or leverage to negotiate better terms. You also have options. You can ask an employment attorney for executives to give you the messaging and work “behind the scenes” to help you negotiate for yourself, or let the lawyer contact the employer directly so they can negotiate on your behalf. It is important to understand any post-employment restrictions upfront to negotiate more favorable terms. For example, you may be able to get some protections like a “negotiated severance” in case the relationship ends.

Hiring an Employment Lawyer Can Also Help You Avoid Legal Proceedings
When you and your employer are not on the same page, disputes may happen, which can even mean you suing your employer to get the compensation you deserve. Legal proceedings take time and can also cost a lot of money. By partnering with an employment attorney for executives, you may prevent potential employment disputes by negotiating more favorable terms.

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