Health Occupations

May 7, 2014

Health OccupationsPeople who work in the health care field in occupations from doctors, RNs, LPNs, geriatric and certified nursing assistants, physician assistants and countless others a rendering care and treatment for the ill and injured; doing research to find cures; or those with specialized training in operating diagnostic equipment and rehabilitative service have spent many years obtaining appropriate educational credentials needed to perform their job. In today’s economy, countless others are investing in education in order to switch occupations as many other jobs are eliminated. Most, if not all, of these hard working people need their licenses and credentials protected from mistakes and even wrongful allegations that may threaten their license because of actions of professional boards.

For over three decades, we have been representing workers in heath care occupations, fighting before various licensing and professional boards, defending them against allegations of misconduct and negligence. We understand how important these issues are and how they can threaten a career built upon years of training and experience. Don’t trust just any lawyer to protect you when such dire consequences can result from lack of experience or knowledge of the field. John Singleton not only has over 30 years of experience representing workers like you but he understands how important your career is and will fight to preserve this position upon which you base not only your livelihood but your entire identity.

In addition, John has extensive experience and knowledge of the various healthcare occupations and the special circumstances of workers in the medical field. This gives him unparalleled expertise in evaluating employment contracts and other employment-related agreements offered to those in the healthcare industry. In making one of the most critical choices of your life, don’t take unnecessary chances and risks. We are here to help.


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