Finally, John Leopold gets jail time for what we got started!

March 18, 2013

It was in 2009, when Karla Hamner first had us file a lawfsuit against John Leopold and Anne Arundel County alleging sexual harassment, gender discrimination and retaliation. After filing the suit, Leopold, using County Attorney fired back alleging it was all a pack of lies made for political purposes, that I had not investigated and put in outrageous accusations for publicity.  Witnesses started coming forward including Joan Harris who got fired when they found out she was providing information to me to help the case and all the women workers. The County filed Motion after Motion to make us look bad and went so far as to seek sanctions against me personally for filing the suit. Well the State Prosecutor was handed lots of information that we had discovered and decided to criminally prosecute on some of the more minor allegations.  Unfortunately, the women’s civil suit was stayed pending th outcome of the criminal proceedings that have now concluded with Leopold being convicted and given 60 days incarceration, 5 years probation and $100,000 fine.  If the was the fine for that conduct, I can’t imagine how much a jury will think is appropriate to give these women who both lost their jobs, had their credit destroyed, had them go without  work for an extensive period of time.

These women are like John Kennedy’s Profiles In Courage as it took and enormous amount of courage to bring the claims and to continue despite a barrage of attacks.  We are looking forward to the case resuming so that we can either settle or go to trial.  While you may not realize, these are the types of cases that we do and we have never backed down from the truth  and helping those seeking justice against the rich or  powerful. We are alomost there.
John, Karla and Joan

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