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Consultations and Fees


In order to make legal services available, affordable and economical to all potential clients, we have established fee structures that are tailored to the situation. Therefore, if you are a potential plaintiff with claims that could result in a substantial recovery, we may offer a contingency or hourly arrangement, depending upon your resources and decisions. Where there is little monetary recovery available from which fees can be taken, we try to work with clients to pay fees in a manner that still allows them to obtain services. If you are an institutional client such as a labor union, small company, non-profit or employee benefit plan we offer yearly, monthly and other types of retainers. If you are a client with a personal injury matter such a car accident, workers’ compensation or medical malpractice, competitive contingencies are available. If you have a copyright, severance, non-compete or employment contract case, each case may have differing fees all focused on giving you standing in our justice system.

How It All Works

When you first call our office in order to determine whether we are the right law firm for you a paralegal will take information appropriate to you situation that will enable John Singleton determine whether you have a claim and whether we can help you with that matter. Sometimes, people have claims for which we refer you to government and other agencies that will help you without cost. Sometimes, we determine that based upon the facts and applicable law, we do not see a possible claim. In that case, we will tell you that we do not think it is worth the investment to pay for a consultation. Many times, based upon the information provided to the paralegal, we will determine that you may well have a valid claim and that we also would be capable of handling that claim and would suggest you invest in a consultation. The fee for a consultation is $275. Oftentimes, the consult requires an hour or more and if we are of the opinion that you have a matter that we could help you with, we then discuss fees and what type of fee structure works best for you. In certain instances, depending upon your financial resources and the validity of the claim, part or all of the consultation fee may be waived so that you can have the benefit of legal advice. We believe that this arrangement works best for most people but ultimately we try to make you that you have an opportunity to have legal advice and representation if at all possible.