New Help for those with Unemployment Hearings

October 10, 2011

Due to the extremely low nature of fees set by the Unemployment Commission, we were previously unable to represent individuals before DLLR in hearings challenging the claimants’ eligibility to receive unemployment benefits. Fees were limited to $100 per hearing unless the attorney filed a special exception.  People who were challenging denials based on misconduct or “voluntary quit” issues were going without representation.  In today’s economy, the value of those benefits is immense often accounting for about $450 a week for almost 100 weeks.

That fee has now been raised by the Commission to two times the weekly benefit amount. Thus, we are now able to represent claimants at these hearings for a flat $750 charge for cases in the Baltimore City/County area or $800 if the travel is a little further.

We are happy we can now offer this as a service. Call if you need assistance.


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